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Choose Your Favorite Chicken, Fries, & Churros!




About Our Chicken

We believe a good quality meal begins at the farm. That is why we are founded on the commitment of quality. We take pride in serving All-Natural, Cage Free, Hand-Cut Halal Chicken.

Our chicken is also 100% Vegetarian Fed without any Animal By-Products, Hormones, and No Antibiotics Ever. Our commitment to you is not only flavor, but also high-quality chicken.

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About Our Fries

Guests love my famous Churros Chicken Fries. The Fries are lightly coated with a delicious specialty dry rub of choice which provides the unique experience everyone raves about.

Our Loaded Fries are a must if you have a fry and chicken crave with your favorite seasoning flavor. It’ll keep you coming back for more and more, every time, all the time.

About Our Churros

Starting from Spain, Churros have been enjoyed for generations across the Globe. Here at Churro Chicken, it’s my twist. Light, Sweet enough, fluffy, and crispy too. My Churros are never frozen and are made from scratch daily. My team uses quality ingredients to ensure the best tasty Churros for you and your family.

My Churros are also offered with delightful toppings such as soft serve, pineapple, cherry’s, chocolate, brownie chunks, strawberry shortcake dough and much more goodness.

Don’t forget to try my Churros with your favorite mouthwatering filling and dip of your choice. Try them all!

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About Our Brine – Dry Rubs-
Wings Sauces

We formulated a special chicken Brine that assures a plump and juicy chicken wing every time. Our chicken wings brine for about 24 hours before cooking. This allows the chicken to reach peak deliciousness.

Due to our special brine, the wings are delicious and juicy when plain but even more delicious once paired with one of our propriety dry rub blends. Try my wings spicy or savory.